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Should i turn off Antivirus?

When i running GSA SER i get lots notification from Bitdefender about web source infected..and this is decreasing my LPM. 
Should i turn off antivirus or what you guys suggest me?


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    Yes, I had the same issue with Bitdefender, specaly 2015 version so I just uninstall it, becouse nothing helped.
    Tried  turn off Antivirus, firewall, ALL and always the same.
    Running SEO indexer was even worse.

    Try to turning off if it will help.
  • On my dedicated server I use ClamWin Free, no any problem and it's always active
  • Yes, as said vuli i turn off Antivirus, firewall, and all the stuff from the control option of Bitdefender and same errors and what is worse after some time he is crashing my internet acces.

    So.. i will try to swich to ClamWin as peter said.

    Thank you guys for answers.
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    I figured out how to stop this.
    You need to Turn Off this in your browser. I dont know where to find this in antivirus, but if you go to any "infected" website this will pop out and than can be turned off. But yuo know, some are false possitive, some not.

    Than, av will stop showing those threads/notifications.
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