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question on adding a tier to a project

@sven @ron @ozz I found out that after creating a tier from a project let say tier 2 from tier 1, what i discovered is that all the settings, articles comment, videos etc all of them goes along to form the 2nd tier. My questions is, is it advisable to use such article, comments, or videos duplicated from tier 1 for tier 2 posting


  • Osas123, I dont really understand your question but here's what I think you're asking:

    You're asking if you can use the same comments/articles/video From tier 1 for your Tier 2 campaign?
    For comments and videos, I think its okay to reuse. 
    However for articles, it's best to not use as you know, no matter how deep you spin for your Tier 1 article, it will eventually become non-unique once you start blasting 1000s of those articles. 

    What I advise you to do is to create another bunch of Tier 2 Articles from Kontent Machine or whichever, and use it for your Tier 2 campaigns. 

    In this way, your tier 1 articles will always be unique and wont have any issues with duplicate content.

    I hope I answered you well.
  • @elaine you answered my question corectly thanks
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