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Doing multiple urls - only outputs the 301s from the last url in the list.

I have 36 urls in the multiple list, 5 or 6 domains within that list (some have multiple pages).

I was watching it create the 301s - it looked like it created them all. but when I go to export the 301s it created, it only does the last url.

Is there any way to get the rest?  I assumed exporting all urls - would do them all, not just the last one.


  • Actually it did the last domain - mainly just one url, but a couple other urls in that domain as well.  Seems pretty strange.

    Recursive mode off, no indexing (I was going to index them myself but now I can't).
  • I assume I can't redo the 301s?  And even if I did, not sure if it will output the 301s anyhow so want to avoid that if I can.
  • Yeah I just ran multiple urls again and it only lets you export the last group it did, whatever is in the dialog window.
  • SvenSven
    Thats how it is suppoded to be. If you want to have the results from all the other urls, you need to check the box below the URL-Queue.
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