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Inofficial GSA Search Engine Ranker FAQ



  • Thanks really a great post for n00bs like me
  • hie thanks for the great faq can you also post for what all active means, like re verify, search domain etc etc
  • I 'm using GSA for me most of the links submitted but i got less verification links..approximatly ratio is 100:10 why its happening like this?Can u help me?
  • @smile, post the settings you use.
  • This is good for me,thanks very much
  • Very useful, thought i would bump this
  • TaulantBytyqiTaulantBytyqi
    I have a problem with the proxy list options! When I change something in the options, a box pops up and it says "Unable to save proxy settings (check access rights)" I already bought my personal GSA Ranker software?! 
    How can I fix this can someone help me? 
  • xeroxiasxeroxias United States
    so, should i use public proxies for scraping/harvesting using scrapebox and use private proxies for submissions/posting?
  • It really depends on what your doing there is not one way to use gsa there is a million million ways. You may want to research what you are doing first.

    Gsa is one of the most powerful tools for seo same goes for using it the wrong way you may harm your efforts and ruin what working for other users.

    It's definetly worth learning even though it takes awhile. And gsa has it's own scraper and proxy harvestor/tester auto working for you in the background
  • Anyone have suggestions for research I briefly asked once. I have been testing-using moz, semrush, majestic and ahrefs a lot. I dont like moz a whole lot, semrush seems to have gotten better but they dont have keyword data for words with 1000 searches a month??? I like the simpleness of ahrefs but I seem to keep gravitation back towards majestic. i will be getting a monthly paid subsciption i think at majestic possibly ahrefs. Any suggestions before I make a mistake
  • ronron
  • Thanks Ron I always seem to grab majestic and with the fire fox add-on its even more help to bad they didnt have something for organic results like moz thats the one good thing about them.

    Any other recaptcha service get any better lately I have been using eve here are some results I cant complain and its pay as you go ridiculously cheap for correct solves only
  • Good look on that list as well I added to another list I hadn't used and added  another I had scraped and used some off your tips to keep gsa running smooth. I have gotten great results in fact I got a few clients with keywords up thirty spots in less then a few weeks!

    Out of all the keywords I have been track for sites not videos I have one of mine down a few points and another customers one down a few points and the rest are all up at ridiculous timing.

    Do you sync lists into gsa as well? I was also wondering the people trying to sell templates for gsa are they there own settings or are they custom modded engines... I never got a response when I inquired about it.
  • What is best way to create a socket script is SER. I cannot find any good info about this.

    I am used to having a browser test commands when doing this
  • cherubcherub
    Here's some documentation to get you started @backlinkaddict

    There is an old thread by Ozz too that goes through step by step how he scripted the phpfox engine IIRC
  • Yes I read the script and macro guide.. It just hard with no browser. Are you supposed to just make a file add command and run debbuger and guess? How would you add your own engine and favicon like serengines does?

    How would you go about making the create acounts, parse email, post, and posibly user defined commands.

    I know its possible but I cant figure it out with gsa..

    Like all the web 2.0 and social bookmarks that dont work... I know you can go into file and change but how do you know where to start and what error is?
  • cherubcherub
    Here is the thread by Ozz that gives a more step-by-step approach:

    You should make use of firebug, httpfox or similar to record what requests are being sent by the browser, then emulate these as closely as possible within the engine script. Yes, it can be hard and you will need to do some work, but it is definitely possible.

    There are also 600+ samples in the Engines directory that you can use as reference points.
  • Would it be possible to make the script in browser mode in magic submitter and then change to socket mode with debugger in the campaign designer?

    There has to be an easier way
  • an what tool is this "How to combine Scrapebox and GSA?
    You can use Scrapebox for harvesting URLs with GSA footprints. I extracted the footprints with the tool posted by s4nt0s."
  • Great post for the beginners who have just started using GSA!
  • I have one project in red. How can I see what is wrong with it? Thank you
  • edited June 2015
    For using random it says this:
    %random--% - a random number between min and max

    It's not clear what min and max are, so an example might be good like this:
    %random--% - a random number between min and max. Example for min=5 to max=199: %random-5-199%
  • SvenSven
    @jshrek updated FAQ
  • I deleted my gsa on laptop 1 because it makes my computer run slow. then I installed on another computer gsa of me to run. But i got an error showing "i was unable to activate your license automatically online. Please request an activation code from and provide name/serial as reference"
  • Great post !!
  • @snowrain just pm or email Sven...
  • cheapprivateproxiescheapprivateproxies United Kingdom
    Private proxies plays a vital role in everyone's marketing strategy now a days. It is not an optional, rather must have. 
  • richfern17richfern17 Detroit, mi
    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone took the time to spin forum and blog comments, image comments, etc. 

  • Hi everyone!
    I need help here...
    I need to recover my account, I deleted the email with the code, and restored my computer, I also changed the country of my residence.
    somebody could help me? I know that does not sound good but it's true. :(

  • my fist comment form a new user. greetings
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