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Ning - Social Network

@ Sven

can we post to the .ning social network?


  • SvenSven
    SER used to post there but ning made some clever changes and it is not possible here anymore sorry.
  • Just a quick Comment on this.  William I've looked all over the place for a tool that currently supports Ning,  Currently there are no tools on the market unless you get a custom one that will currently post to ning.   I've spent days and days of research on it.
  • @ Hunar

    yes, you are right, i've been searching also because one of my competitors is posting to ning sites and he/she is big in my niche and i doubt if he/she is doing it manually.
  • Yep,  I have the same problem a current person in my niche is big into posting ning as well
  • @ Hunar

    nice to meet you my friend....., i wonder if you and i are competitors?
  • Lol Deff could be.  I work in like 20-30 different niches so it's a deff possibility.
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