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Clarification On Licenses

I cannot seem to find where this is covered on the official site - but I thought I read somewhere that you can install GSA Search Engine Ranker on up to two machines. Right now I have it installed on my main desktop computer - but I am still considering if I want to go with a VPS or just install it on my spare laptop to run continuously. 

What I would like to know, is if it's possible to deactivate your license from one machine so you can use it on another machine - such as if I switched VPS companies, or if I upgraded my computers. Can I do this, or will I have to buy another license again?


  • ronron
    You only get to use it on one machine at a time. Don't make the mistake of accidentally firing it up on a second computer while live on the first computer. That will get your license banned - and it is all automated in its tracking.

    To be clear, you can use it on different PC's, as in switching from home to vps, etc. You are not confined to only using it in the first location where you installed it. Just make sure one is closed out before you fire up the other location. Many of us have moved it from home to vps, or made a series of moves from one vps to another because various vps's are crappy, etc. That is normal stuff.
  • Thank you for your help, especially with regards to opening multiple copies at once! 
  • ronron
    No problem. Merry Christmas!
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