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Auto delete slow speed proxies

Hi @sven

Would it be possible to have a new feature to filter out slow speed public proxies and maybe selection of proxies by countries?

I noticed that some public proxies, especially from the US and EU, can be reasonably fast while those from other countries like China can be slow so I thought it'd be great if we could have an option in proxy settings to auto-delete proxies with slow speed e.g. >0.5 seconds (we can specify this number by ourselves).

That would leave us with mostly faster public proxies for use.



Hope it makes sense.



  • SvenSven
    well just lower the timeout on the proxy options for testing. It will set all proxies to failed slower than the set time. If you e.g. set it to 5sec timeout, it will only accept fast proxies here.
  • I set the time out to 1 second but still getting lots of proxies with more than that number. I guess the timeout and speed might not be the same thing? Maybe I'm mistaken.
  • SvenSven
    the timeout on proxy options tab is to wait for each packet sent. The speed you see is the time taken for all packets.
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