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How to use GSA SER SAFE on money site.

Hello, my question is this: i hve a news site (not in english) and i need sugestions on how to use GSA SER to help with my traffic but without endangering the main site. I dont want a hit-and-run tactic, but something that would work on the long run. Any sugestions? Thanx


  • Build Multi Tier Projects.
    My method is to take 10 quality web 2.0, manually written content for tier 1.
    tier 2 take 500 links with pr, no spam.
    tier 3 big spam and then index all of the tier 3.

    when tier 3 will be indexed, the tier 2 will index in the natural way, and when the tier 2 will be indexed the 10 web 2.0 for the tier 1 will be indexed in natural.

    Send some pings, keep building more links and you'll rank, I hope It's helped you.
    in 2 words Multi-Tier Project.
  • you mean you wont index your tier 2 from a indexing service? and you want it to index naturally? is it kinda pointless building links to an un-indexed links? just a thought i remember @ron said this before.
  • I didn't said not index them, I said index them naturally which is much better.
    If You'll take web 2.0 link, then create 50 good quality links, and then create 500 spam links.

    Send the 500 spam links for index, when they'll indexed, the 50 good quality links will also indexed naturally, and when the 50 good quality links will indexed the web 2.0 will index in the natural way, in the best way.

    now do it with 10 quality web 2.0 and your website will up the ranking soon.
  • ronron
    @PickUp - What @Molex was getting at was the setting in your projects where you only focus your links on indexed properties. That way you are not cascading links underneath non-indexed properties (which is a waste of links). That said, your approach can help non-indexed properties get indexed (which is helpful).

    There are those who fall on the side of natural indexing, and others are fans on indexing services. I am a fan of indexing services, but that is a personal decision. It is a lot harder to get things indexed these days, which is why I use indexing services.
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