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Only 15LpM with Great Installation, What I am Doing Wrong?

- VPS: 2 RAM, 2 Cores

- Private List (Great stats).
- 30 Semi-private proxies.
- GSA Captcha Breaker.
- 1 Email with the gmail trick.
- 300 Threads, 180 HTML timeout.
- 2 Active Projects, no filters.
- Insant Link Indexer.

Now It's crazy because i pay a lot and It's really slow.
I know other guy, with 2 ram vps, 2 cores, 30 semi private proxies, 300 threads with big approved list that makes over 50k links a day.

What is the problem is your option? I don't know if It's should be like this but the CPU is always 95%+
Really thank you for your help :)


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    It's hardly ever about the server and almost always your settings. You didn't post any setting so share some screenshots and we'll try to help.
  • Here's photo with all of my settings, I'll gladly accpet any help to get better LpM, If there is any problem with the settings feel free to write here, If do you think the problem is with the list, also write here.
    I'm working with the blue list that i just paid yesterday


  • I have one pc, 4 gigs RAM, i3 processor, 10 proxy, and I have 50 threads, 1 Mega internet (low connexion) and I have 20 active projects---LPM 15-28 and VpM 2.64, no filters(all tye of engines running).

    So, you mast have 3 times more, at least...
  • Try more projects.
  • edited December 2014
    It's the program that isn't working optimally atm, i've got perfect settings + new list + home pc + good bandwidth
  • CPU is to high I belive, mine is max 60%.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited December 2014
    @Pickup - Kind of hard to see the images properly, even if I click on the link.

    You've got your 'allow posting to the same domain' settings a little bit too strict (see image below), and what's this 'google trick' for using 1 email (honestly, I don't know it. lol), as I'm sure that if you added 10 yahoo emails (or something) you'd get better results?

    Also, 2 projects is never going to see you get amazing results, as the projects can sometimes get a bit choked and you lose performance that way, especially if you've got web2 selected in the 'where to submit' section.

    Could be other stuff too, but I can't tell from the images.

  • 2Take2

    Thank you for the comments, I'm going to use it.
    Finally, yeah I found the problem, The problem is that VPS that making bad results with 200~300 threads.
    How I found that? I tried to run GSA Ser 1 project just for test on my home pc, I'm getting 120~130 lpm fixed, which is amazing.
    Before I'll keep using other lists i must order better vps, someone can help me please to choose better one?

    My home PC is 8 ram and It's works perfect, but I don't belive I need it, I think I need somethings like this one

    I think the second one will work better for me, What do you think guys? :)
    Thank you
  • and by the way the google trick is just use points on the email and create some versions of it.
    I'll buy few emails.
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