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Using GSA with only Public Proxies

Hi Guys, I have read Discussion on BH forums that they don't use Private proxies in GSA. They just use Public Proxies that are scraped for GSA.

I though this is a more better place to discuss this. I very well know the advantages of Private Proxies and all that stuff.

Is anyone Running gsa with Public proxies only? I will try it but don't know the Perfect settings that i must have with Proxies.

Like say best sources to add in GSA proxy scraper. After how much minute/hour i should ask GSA SER to search for new Proxies and check them etc.


  • I dont know about that. I am running public proxies only for PR checking.
  • @vuli Thats fine, i was talking about running everything in gsa with Public Proxies.

    Been reading from other people that they never use Private proxies and instead invest in better VPS Config.
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