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HUNDREDS of No-Follow Links shown in Ahrefs and NOT in Verified URLS!!! WTF!!! $100 To Solve This!

JezzaJezza Perth, Australia
Ok sorry for the enthusiastic title, but i'm having a serious problem and have already posted a few questions around the forums but can't find much of a solution. I have spent 3 days now trying different options and testing different things on Web 2.0's and they are all doing the same thing.

Basically I am building 100 verified links to a web 2.0, a day later when I go and check in Ahrefs to see if any of my VERIFIED links have been indexed, I might have a couple that I have built with the correct anchors that are shown in my verified URLS. But I am also recieving hundreds of no-follow links from just a few domains with random anchors, these no-follows are not shown in my verified URLS.

This is diluting my anchor text profile on anything I create so bad that my anchor text profile looks like a complete pile of dog-shit. I'm dying to get down to business and start ranking some sites but I can't do shit when 95% of my backlink profile has 1000 links from 5 domains.

I have tried unchecking all the engines that use their own anchor text. I have tried checking 'Uncheck engines that use no anchor text'. What I haven't tried yet is checking 'Skip No-Follow Links' which I am doing now and will see if that works. But still I do not understand how it is building so much crap to my web 2.0 and DOES NOT show any of the links under verified URLS.

This is aggravating me so much that I will deposit $100 into whoevers bank account immediately that can solve this problem for me.
Thanks, Jeremy


  • JezzaJezza Perth, Australia
    PROBLEM SOLVED! Don't worry, if anyone has the same problem and is wondering answer you can PM me.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Did you pay yourself the $100?
  • ronron
    edited December 2014
    Damn, I wanted that $100 bill. The answer was you really took a hard look at your verified file. Can I get at least $20 for that  :((
  • JezzaJezza Perth, Australia

    Haha! Wasn't a whole lot in the verified file. Ron if you can tell me how to arrange my GSA window pane so that my whole screen isn't filled up with what GSA is doing and I can see all my projects I will give you $10 ;) Im sure when I first used GSA I scrolled it up and now it is stuck!

    Anyways this was the problem:

    1. The site was detected as Wordpress - Article (correct)

    2. It tried to register -> wp-login.php does redirect to original url as registration is not allowed here.

    3. SER tried to find a form where it can maybe register and thought the comment form is the one, it left a link when trying to register.

    4. The ahref spider found the link on every subpage as recent comments are listed on the right menu. So every sublink has this link now. It will vanish once someone else will leaves a comment as just the 5 last comments get listed.

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