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Random Foreign Anchor Text No-Follow Links I Never Created

JezzaJezza Perth, Australia
Hi there, any help would be much appreciated as I can't find anything else similar apart from one query on the net in relation to this problem. 

I have built a fresh web 2.0, a few hours later I built 100 high quality verified links to it from GSA and have not messed around with any other link building. The 100 verified links in my project that are pointing to the domain show the correct anchor text that I had set up for it to make, the links are also about 80% do-follow / 20% no-follow. 

However I did check a few hours later in Ahrefs to see if any of my links were indexed, and to my surprise there are 54 links, 2 of which I HAD made, and 52 other no-follow links coming from 2 random domains which aren't even listed in my verified link list containing foreign anchor texts. The domains and foreign anchors are nowhere to be found in the list of links that I had built.

How is this happening? Possibly a bug?


  • JezzaJezza Perth, Australia
    PROBLEM SOLVED! Don't worry, if anyone has the same problem and is wondering answer you can PM me.
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