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Why you should buy GSA Spider/Verifier over Atomic Hunter/Verifier/Mailer

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Hello here,

First of all this is my personal experience, I own both GSA Spider/Verifier and Atomic Hunter/Verifier/Mailer.
I am not affiliate with both sides, only Santos gives me some discount codes from time to time (but it is his business not mine, and they are publicly available).
Today I talked to Atomic Studio/Park online support. Mainly guys and gals from Russia and Ukraine.
Explained them that very often I have to migrate my programs, because I usually use a dedicated server. For example now I have a personal/individual account with OVH (SoYouStart) and very soon I will migrate to corporate (new account), because we are both in European Union and I could use reversal VAT (save around 20 euros each month). This is why I contacted Atomic Studio online support. But they seems to be out of their mind. Let me show you the transcripts:
05:59 Olga Starovoyt: do you install it on servers or on PC?
me: Dedicated Server
me: Now I have a dedicated server with SoYouStart as an Individual
me: but most probably I will migrate to corporate
me: because we (SoYouStart = OVH = French Company) are both in European Union
me: and our deals are subject of Reverse VAT
me: so I will be able to save around 20 euros each month as a company (with OVH)
me: but this is just an example
me: overall I use various VPS/Dedicated server providers
me: depending on my needs and their services
06:01 Olga Starovoyt: our products are developed to be used on PC onle, and we do not recommend using them on servers, .
so it will be better for you to use it on PC/
you have a count of 3 activations for your key/
the program can be activated on 1 PC at a time. '
06:01 me: I already installed Atomic software on my notebook (I tested it and I reviewed most options)
06:02 me: Olga - your software
06:02 Olga Starovoyt: delete it from the server and use it on the machine .
06:02 me: is Mass/Bulk Email Sender, Verifier and Hunter
06:02 Olga Starovoyt: ut can not be activated on more then 1 PC, since the key will initially be bloacked
06:02 me: are you trying to tell me
06:02 me: that I need to have it on my home PC
06:03 me: where internet connection is something like 20 mbps
06:03 Olga Starovoyt: on any PC.
06:03 me: and port 25 is blocked (verifier can't work)
06:03 Olga Starovoyt: use any PC, It is up to you.
06:03 me: Dedicated server = PC
06:03 me: but more powerfull
06:03 me: ok
06:03 Olga Starovoyt: I just tell you that it should be installed on PC, not the server
06:03 me: what is the difference between PC and server for you
06:03 me: could you explain
06:04 Olga Starovoyt: this is not a question regarding our product.

06:04 me: yes
me: but
me: for your software and its main functions
me: it needs to be run 24 hours
me: a day
me: 7 days a week
me: please don't tell me
me: that you expect me
me: to do this at home
me: on my notebook for example
06:05 Olga Starovoyt: I tell you what it or recommendations are.

me: I have a wide experience with different email software
me: and I can tell you that huh
06:05 Olga Starovoyt: we do not support products installed on the server., since it is not recommended

06:07 Olga Starovoyt: sorry, but I am not here to argue .
I only tell you what our recommendations and policy are .
me: are you 100% sure
me: because I opened a ticked with your support
me: and they asked me who told me
me: that I am allowed to install 3 times
me: I also told them
me: about my situation
me: and they didn't tell me something like "You use server and it is not recommended"
06:08 Olga Starovoyt: you have 3 activations for your key, but you can only activate the program on 1 PC at a time
06:08 Olga Starovoyt: as I have mentioned above
me: I will pass our conversation
me: to ........
06:08 Olga Starovoyt: please check our conversation
06:08 Olga Starovoyt: sure
me: maybe you could talk each other more
me: ok
me: bye
me: next time I will buy more GSA licenses
06:09 Olga Starovoyt: have a nice dy
me: they have a better license policy
me: and they understand what is server and how their software is suppose to work

I am sorry if it seems like an odd conversation. But imagine Sven to come here and tell us to use GSA SER on our personal computer, because no support for server. Or that you are not allowed to migrate your server (upgrade/better company or something). Please do yourself a favor read my log and decide for yourself if Atomic Studio software worth it or not.
For me I will buy more GSA product and licenses as soon as possible, and will totally dump Atomic Studio and their software (+ totally incompetent support). On top of that I compared on the same machine GSA Spider vs Atomic Hunter, and GSA Spider scraped almost 1/2 more email addresses for the same duration of time, same list and same internet connection (PC).

Once again I am sorry if this thread is against the forum policy (rules), Sven you are free to delete it.
I just believe that people here and potential clients must have a clear understand what they are going to buy, and which one is the better software/support/license policy.

Best regards,
The Big Dog

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