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Folder Creation / Drag & Drop Projects

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I would like to see an easier way of creating folders to structure projects ... I can't seem to get anything than Root > 1 Folder to be created



  • This structuring of project is hard and the moving of thing around into subfolders is driving me nuts - How come I can see a project with a sub-project in a folder I can't get a project to be created under another exiisting project so far?
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    I made a short screencast on how I create folders for different projects. Hope it helps.

    It appears there is a small bug that doesn't allow you to create multiple sub folders, it is all explained in the video. Enjoy

    update: I started to delete the example projects and when i deleted current>>auction sites current>>SEO>>google showed up under current. I guess right now there is a limit of one sub-folder that is viewable.
  • Thanks theorbital I will give that a go and see :)
  • and i was thinking  i was doing something wrong thats why i couldnt create second subfolder
  • @senty4love - Yeah, Sven fixed the renaming bug for groups but the second subfolder bug must still be on the "to-do" list.
  • SvenSven
    upcoming version fixes the other rename bug as well
  • @Sven - the latest update 4.43 still has a few bugs with the folder renaming.

    say you have a folder structure like this. current|seo|google

    You try to rename current and you get an error box. You try and rename seo and you get an error box. You try and rename google and it works.
  • SvenSven
    oh yes I see what you mean.
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