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Does anyone have a good list of keywords to get the most emails possible?


  • Just use Google keyword planner to get some keywords.
    You should generate keywords specified to your niche buddy.
  • I am looking for emails by domains not by niche.  
  • what do you mean "by domain"?
    You asked for keywords, and GSA Spider scrape Search Engines for your keywords.
    If you have a ready-made list of domains, you do need keywords at all, only if you look for a specific keyword...
    If you need to get the most emails, use premade list of keywords for GSA SER/GScraper...
  • I would like to get a list of emails from all domains except hotmail, gmail, yahoo, and aol.  Where do I load up the list of URLs?  I only see a spot for 1 url at a time.
  • I believe you can load from clickboard, from a file, and from a directory.
    Easy way is to open a simple notepad and write your urls.
    save the notepad and load the file (.txt) in GSA Spider.
    GSA Spider also has a very good engine, as it can scrape proxies. So with scraped proxies you can search Google/Bing/Yahoo for more Urls, without risking a ban.
    If you don't have external URL scraper program, use GSA Spider search option - I believe it it based on GSA SER, it is very good. If you have external url search program or prepared urls, simple put them in a notepad and load them:
    Use URL as Start -> Open -> File/Directory/Import URL list

  • Thank you for the help.  I appreciate it.
  • One more thing, you can exclude gmail, hotmail, yahoo and so on emails by doing the following:
    Options -> Filter -> Dont include E-mails with
    and add:
    or maybe:

    You already have some samples provided (added) by Sven.

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