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Bugs imported Proxies

I have a bug when importing proxies, today I played to change the month dedicated proxies, I've gone to "GSA-SER" andas always it import handoff: login:pass from file or Clipboard, but now imported badly, added a  in an unsuitable format.

I've tried several times and it always makes me the same and proxies do not work. I've imported the same list of proxies toGscraper and they work without problems, so I guess that it is a failure of GSA-SER

@Sven could watch it please, I've tried many times


  • SvenSven
    paste me the content in pm and I try here.
  • I apologize , after restarting the VPS is solved . Quedaria something wrong, no probe before a reset .
    So I feel the notice. What if it is true that I have many faults download failed
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