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VPS Size? What size is the Right Size...

rocket123rocket123 New York
edited December 2014 in Need Help
I am struggling with which size VPS is the right size. We run 20+ campaigns per month with 4 tiers each --180 threads currently. Looking to expand to 500 threads. At current we are running other tasks on the GSR box - so I am trying to gauge what is the right size. 

Is there some guideline or breakdown of how many we can expect to get on a server? I realize there are a lot of factors but we use private proxies, multiple captcha svc. Does anyone have some insight on server load by projects? 

Your help is ALWAYS appreciated. 

Thank you


  • Just buy a dedi and then ramp up everything until you get out of memory - I don't see the point in paying $50 for a VPS when a decent dedicated server is $60-80pm. I typically run 50-100 projects per dedicated server running 20-25 projects at a time using the scheduler, but you could just have more projects that only see a little less 'daylight' of actively running. For verification (Active V) I run all projects at the same time after restarting SER. If I had unlimited amounts of money I'd run 20 projects per server. If you use lists then you can generally run 50-100 projects at the same time, apparently, but I could never get it to work like that.

    I run a fairly low amount of threads really, 200-400 on each server, but my LPM and VPM are very high which suits me as the rankings are following suit, and that's all that matters.
  • JudderMan - Thank You!
    I am running a list now on a quad core 3.2ghz w 16gb ram but it seems like overkill as gsr ser does not use more than 800mb of memory. I will need to play around with it. 

    Thanks again!

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