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Really low success rate

I'm using with GSA SER
Tier 1 contextuals and Tier 2 junk
Using freshly scraped lists & global lists


  • Same here.

    I just emailed The Pres of GSA Ser I am having low to none and I have at least 100,000 links per project type identified and no duplicates, plus many verified. And she is not putting out ant links.

    No idea I wish I could answer, but at least you know your not the only one.

  • I've been toying with skipping hard to solve captchas and skipping if they are below 20%. I've noticed that if they are all unchecked and you have retries set to a high number such as 5, CB will try to do your 1% sucess rate captchas 5 times, leaving you with 5 failures which would bring your overall success rate down drastically.
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