Save a Template to Reuse

How do you save a template that you would like to reuse?


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    edit project->tools->export->...
  • Thanks @Sven.. 

    I am looking to add my embed code for a video into the article. I was told I could do that by going into the "article manager" and adding it into the content there. I can't find the article in the article manager, only the title. Can you provide a screen shot of where the article in the article manager is located so I can add my embed code please?
  • SvenSven
    double click on the article title and you can edit the body.
  • BOOM!!! That's why you make the big bucks baby!!!
  • After having gone through instructions, which took a lot of time, I pressed start and GSA is not moving. It hasn't built a single link and nothing is happening after 15 minutes. 


    ps: I am trying. Gone through instructions etc. Not looking to be spoon fed just a little help. 
  • I am running a verified list not scraping the search engines. 
  • Sven got it to work buddy! I will keep digging to find it!!! lol ;-)
  • @Sven I am struggling with this one.. I found to duplicate a template typing in highlight project-->drop down edit-->modify project-->duplicate-->just data/options.. I will put in a new article.. But when I go into article manager I find that all the embed codes are from old project. I have to manually go in there and swap out article twice and edit embed code for it to change properly. 

    1) Am I doing something wrong?

    2) You earlier advised if I want to copy a template to do this: "edit project->tools->export->..." Don't quite understand this one. 

    I just want to have a new project up with same options data/options without having all these glitches.
  • SvenSven
    Well if you duplicate it, then of course you have all the data in article manager as well.
  • How do I create a template with information of data/options filled in but without any articles? I just tried creating a template without an article and saving it but SER says please define some articles first. 

    I just want a template ready to do the same thing over and over where all I have to do is put in a spun article.  
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    Hard to understand whats not working here sorry.

    1. Edit the project to a way you want it when loading the tamplate

    2. Click on Tools->Export->Template....

    3. When creating a new project you would load it and it should also not have any article in it when you saved it.

  • @ Sven: Do you mean Click on Tools --> Import--> Template? The reason I ask is when I press Tools--> Export-- > Template the template option is greyed out. And if I try to ok it red X comes up saying "Define some articles first" . This is why it's hard to save the template.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    that option is only available if you edit a project, not when you create a new one.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Sven..

    With my projects there is a red warning box comes up that says: " No targets to post to (no search engines chosen, no url extraction chosen, no scheduled posting)" 

    I am using imported lists. I have noticed over time that more and more projects are getting these red warning boxes. SER keeps building links. Does it mean it's building empty links? What should be done when these red warning boxes appear? 
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    I don't know the settings but if you use no search engines then you might use web2.0 platforms only? Else it's logical that no further link is build.
  • Hi Sven. Your saying since I use no search engines (only imported lists) then I should only use web 2.0 platforms only? Meaning only click 3 boxes 1) web 2.0  2) serengines, 3) serengines..

    I am also currently checking article, blog comment, forum, guestbook, image comment, indexer, pingback, and every option from social bookmark down. 
  • SvenSven
    Naw that was a misunderstanding. I thought you where only using web2.0 engines. If you do not then you should watch the status of the imported urls and if there are still remaining urls.
  • Ok. How do I watch the status of the imported urls and if there are still remaining urls?
  • SvenSven
    right click on the project->show urls->...
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