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Since update 2.84 Spamvilla does not recognize recaptcha

Since today update to 2.84 GSA CB give me this message:

Unable to solve / expecting 2 retries by using captcha service

Checked my account at spamvilla: OK
 no Network Errors on Spamvilla page

When i change to deathbycaptcha, CB solves the captchas

Not sure if the Error is CB or Spamvilla so, i ask you both: @Sven  @Spamvilla

Please advise
Thanks Marc


  • Hi Marc there is an important update going on which is still underway thats why you are facing a downtime please allow us 1-2 hours max or it may be finish early too i will update you here

  • @Spamvilla
    Thanks for your fast reply…

    Wait for update…

    Thanks Marc
  • Okay guys all updates are done solving is back online :)

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