How many campaigns can I run simultaneously?

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I want to do linkbuilding on 100 domains. Will it be best to setup a separate campaign for each domains, meaning I will run 100 campaigns?

Can gsa run that many campaigns? Or should I just setup 1 campaing with all the urls?


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Yes, setup a campaign for each domain. Customise each one and make it look natural. 

    You will need multiple campaigns per domain in fact! 
  • Thanks. But it is not a problem to run 100 campaigns?
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer
    It doesn't matter how many campaigns you have. That way you can set limits on the number of links if you want, you can prioritize certain projects as more important (the ++ priority thing), you can have separate keywords specific for each webpage, etc.
  • You'll have to schedule it. I doubt if you'll be able to run 100 campaigns all at once, unless you have a monster server and don't go crazy with the thread count
  • Thanks a lot :)

    GSA is indeed a great tool.
  • ronron
    The other thing it depends on is if you have limits on most of those projects. I do a lot of separate inner page projects that have low submission limits. GSA cranks through those like its butter in the first hour.
  • @ron how do u manage projects for inner pages? For me...I build may be 100-200 max liks for its not good to just let run project for those pages..I keep project running for homepage or moneypage as i need lots of links for those pages..but for innerpage i need small volume links spread across may be a week or two.

    As there is no option to limit project to run for 'X day'..its hard for me to control those project. Only option is to set something like 'pause project after 100 submission for 500000000 minutes' after 100 submission project will stop forever...

    Or just stop project manually after X days..[which i pain in butt if you have 100s of projects]
  • I have about 180 projects going but that is spread across 3 dedi's and 4 VPS's.  And I'm guessing i'm on the low side of what some people are doing.  I have heard of some guys who have like 25+ dedi's running GSA.
  • ronron
    I just set them to "x submission per day". When it hits the limit, the project pauses. At that point for the rest of the day it will just verify links on that project, but it won't build anymore links.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Hunar - who has 25 dedi's running GSA?
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