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Uncheck dead/non working emails

I always import bunch of emails in ser project. But as usual most of the times I get errors because of dead emails or non working emails. To remove this error I have to manually go and find that email in the project and uncheck it or test all emails again which of course takes time in case of many emails. Is it possible that an option just like proxies can be given that "uncheck emails if dead or non working detected". In this way it will save alot of many if we are using lots of emails in our projects and also if we have lots of projects and we want to remove email errors.
Thanks . @Sven

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    Yes, but many times if you test the same emails some hours later, them work well.
    I usually ignore that messages, but once in a month or max 2 I change all the emails


  • At the time of creating project, all emails work fine but sometimes they get dead if a project is running for a long time or if an email is used in multiple projects
  • Anybody Homeeee ???
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