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GSA not sending url's to Lindexed

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Just noticed that GSA isn't sending any verified url's to lindexed ( since 08.01.2013 ).Tried to send them manually ( open verified>select a few url's>index selected url's ) and get a pop-up with "all urls sent successfully", but there are no new links in lindexed.

What could be the problem?I am using the latest version - 4.93


  • SvenSven
    I don't get any reply from lindexed if the this arrived or not so the program simply assumes it's OK if no http error occurred. Please check if your login/api key is correct.
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    The api is correct.It was sending ok and then just stoped sending

    EDIT: working now - strange
  • working for me now too.
  • From what we have noticed.

    Lindexed sucks.

    sorry for the word.
  • cool can i ask why?  i'm new to their service.
  • so what alternative would you suggest ?
  • I was going to make a new post about this as well but I'm having the same problem.

    I've just recently signed up for lindexed but when I try to send my links manually it's only sending a small chunk.. ie. I have 410 verified links, when I manually send them to lindexed they show up in a lindexed campaign with say about 40 url's.. where are the rest?! also I don't think that gsa is sending them automatically when they are submitted. I'm trying to get this set up properly.
  • SvenSven
    They are send but only each 5 minutes or if there are more than 100 in queue. Though they should be all send when doing in manually. Could it be some issue on there end? As the program does nothing but using a fixed url (with your api key in it + urls).
  • ronron
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    @Dyekid217 - I use Lindexed too. Are you saying that you created 410 new verified links today, and only 40 are in Lindexed today?

    I am being very exact with my choice of words because only your new verified links from today are going to be in there. Then the clock strikes 12 and you are back to zero in Lindexed. So make sure you are comparing your verified from today with what Lindexed says was submitted that day.

  • Yea I just noticed the same thing with lindexed it's only sending me a portion of my new verified links each day.
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    hello... well lets say that I have verified links that are not indexed yet.. Under one project let's say articles, web 2.0's and social networks.. There are 410 of these links in just one project, I purchased lindexed to try and get these older verified links indexed... When I manually send them.. I select all of the 410 links and send to lindexed... when I check my campaigns only 20 are sent per project.. this is 20 out of the 410 links I want to verify.. I've tried sending less than 100 but it wont send ANY if i do it that way. I've got more than 410 links though so this is quite a problem.

    Also I think the auto send isn't working correctly either.. Just last night til this morning I've gotten 540 verified url's in gsa ranker but only 85 of those were sent automatically to lindexed.

    One more thing.. I just checked my lindexed campaigns and some of them have duplicate url's in them.. not sure what I'm doing wrong. The only way that it's really working is if I export all the url's and manually paste them into a campaign.. I guess it's not too much work but there has to be a better way to do this.
  • Have you guys checked out Xindexer2? They just revamped it in the last month and it by the same group as SEnuke. Pretty nice features
  • SvenSven
    @Dyekid217 if you want, send me your project with the verified links to index + a backup of your config and I try to debug that here.
  • FYI I emailed lindexed support desk about the prob this is what they answered:

    Campaigns created by the API should meet these conditions:-

    1- Minimum 10 urls and max of 10,000
    2- Different Urls must be separated with single pipe | each
    3- Each Url must start with http
    4- Each Url must not exceed 250 characters in length

    If there are any urls being ignored that meet this criteria please show us some by attaching them to this ticket in a text file and we will see if our system can be modified to accept these urls.
  • Hi guys,

    I just did a quick test.  I went to one of my campaigns and selected all my verified URLs about 1000.  I selected "index selected urls" and sent to lindexed.

    I checked the campaign loaded in linked and it's a much smaller subset of the urls.  Does anyone else have the same problem?
  • Guys any update on this?  it's still not working can I provide any logs to help debug the issue? thx
  • I think I have spotted what is happening.

    GSA doesn't always meet the minimum requirements when sending links to the Lindexed API as defined by sonic81 in his investigative work with lindexed.

    I see just now "18:18:12: [+] Sent 2 links to" which means that the API at lindexed would effectively reject that send.

    I just checked on lindexed just now and I see that those 2 links didn't make it via the API.

    @sven maybe this is an issue?

  • still having some trouble with auto send.. ive gotten about 200 links sent to lindexed but in gsa i've got 2200 links verified.. If I have some time I'll post some of the links here.
  • SvenSven

    @nicerice yes thats indeed a problem, but it doesn't explain why lindexed rejects even if you send them manually in the show urls dialog sometimes.

    I was still waiting for someones project + config to debug this here but noone seems to have sent anything.

    Anyway I make a change now in the program to always send 10 urls minimum

  • I'm paying like $47/mo? to using it GSA Indexer as well....

    Based on what I have read in the previous seems as if Lindexed (for purposes of indexing GSA links) really isn't necessary due to Lindexed not accepting all GSA verified links?
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