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how do i set up this private proxies for gsa ser need help

i just bought 10 private proxies from i try using it on gsa ser but it is not working they said i shouild first authorise my IPs before using it.

right now the challenge i have is on how to authourise my ips so that the pp can work with gsa really need help from this forum


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited December 2014
    The proxy vendor should be able to help you authorize your I.P. since that's something that would be handled on their website. You would usually receive a login/pass for their website when signing up, then you login and there should be somewhere you enter your I.P. to authorize it. 

    Usually there are 2-3 slots for different I.P.'s in case you want to use the proxies on your home machine and VPS. You would need to SER licenses to run 2 copies at the same time though.

    You can use a simple site like this to grab your I.P. address:

    Then you paste that number in their backend panel where you authorize your I.P. - Wait a few minutes or however long their site recommends, then the proxies should work in SER.

  • Do you have user and pass for those proxies?
  • No, you don't have any user and password...You must go to "proxy admin panel" and you have one liste there
    "your authorized IP's" ->press add below->submit update.
    After that wait about 5 minutes yoy put all proxies in one text file and go to GSA SER Options->submissions->Configure->Add proxy->Import from file

    If you test proxy against Google search you will have errors but is OK.
  • Idontknows4nt0s

    thanks very much for your contribution
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