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Some antispam plugins are blocking all the IPs. Is there something the "magic" Sven can do? :)

Searching my IPs on google, today I discovered that all of them are banned from many websites that are using antispam plugins.
On of the most popular and effective is this one

@Sven do you know it, or do you know how we can bypass it (maybe setting Ser to make just one post per account?), or please can you destroy it :D ?

For everyone that want to check their proxies and if they are banned by this plugin, use this website:


  • Many of IP's are banned before you. If I run to meny treads sometimes CB start to be blocked for many sites.
    First I discovered this when I used my gsa without proxy.

    That blacklist site doesn't work to much, you can clean your IP but will be lested there for one year I think.

  • magicallymagically
    You are right here - All of my proxies were blacklisted too!

    I was able to get new proxies from some great provides: and Mexela

    I have switched them out now - with brand new ones.
    Adjusted some minor things like timeout and maximum size to download.

    I still get plenty of download errors and socket issues:(
  • KaineKaine
    edited December 2014
    Maybe possibility to test proxy directly on site post using this plugin ? (if is visible in html code) but can take many ressource.
  • magically
    What I've done yesterday:
    • changed my 40 private proxies (already banned seeing what I've found searching the IP by google as suggested by Trevor B) with "new" fresh 40
    • changed all the emails (on the blacklist sites, there were my IPs but also many of my emails)
    • decreased the number of "post per account" and "account per site" of my T2 and T3 projects, from 20 to 6 for post number, and from 20 to 5-10 for account-site - Hoping to being less banned in this way
    • verified all the submitted 2 times, later deleted the submitted still not verified
    • deleted unused accounts
    • updated SER

    After all this job, I finally pushed START on Ser and went to sleep. Ser started to work at about 95 LPM and 50 VPM, and today when I woke up it was (is) still at around 88 LPM (past days it was around 30 LPM).

    THere are still some error messages on the log, but much less than past days.

    Hope it lasts long!

  • @OP

    All your proxies will be listed on stopforumspam and similar sites within few days, same with emails. Maybe new ser version help you. Last ser version gave me big lpm/vpm jump.

    Posting to targets with heavy antispam protection is very hard. No matter what you do - its not possible to post to these targets without changing proxies every few days. Only reliable solution is dynamic IP or very high quality public proxies (its not possible to find these with ser or any other software avaliable here).
  • magicallymagically
    Are you sure you are not stoned or something LOL?
    Seeing double maybe?

    How on earth did you manage to get 88LMP?
    Raw Url'S?

    Because here i'm completely lost - even had Sven have a look at it...
    Changed Proxies, new fresh single gmail...
    And the shit still sucks big time!
  • magicallymagically
    Let me buy one of your scrapings - I want to see if this one actually goes through.

    I will let you have some of my raw scrapings to run through if you are interested to see...

    I'm completely exhausted of trying tons of stuff - damn!!!!
  • @magically
    Yes, it's right! :-) Actually, around 90 LPM was the rate of only contextual projects, now that I'm running also "spam" projects the LPM is higher  :D
  • magically 
    Sorry right now its not for sell. Just to show you that good LPM is possible (so you dont lose faith) i turned my gsa on, created few projects and here is posting only to buddypress sites (one of best quality targets):

    Before you think "OMG so many proxies..." - these proxies are not private and its not possible to buy them. Im not sure what lpm i would see after few hours but even half of this lpm would be good for contextual sites.
  • Heres my screenshot.
    Im using 25 private proxies at 300 threads, ocr captcha + cb
    list is scraped by me and is only identified still building the verified. 

    LPM is not the issue but VPM is way lower than it used to be.

  • Seljo 12194 submitted and only 194 verified? That's not that good.. For me it's not all about LpM more about quality.
  • magicallymagically
    LOL - Yeah I was also just joking:D
    Great to hear it's working better for you.

    It's allright buddy. I will continue a few more days and try to figure out what the heck is going on.
    However, I'm really close to let it go and stop using it.

    I see some great results - Unfortunately not working for me.
    I get tons of submitted and very few verified, which I have written more than a few times by now.
    I totally agree - I'm also more interested in quality i.e verified and the engines used.
  • @unkown717 I know its not good, but the list is only identified not verified and you can't expect to have such a good ratio LPM/VPM on identified list as on verified list. 

    Once I go trough a few million links from identified list I will end up with maybe 100K verified list. When I will run the verified list LPM/VPM ratio will be much higher.

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