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Using custom engine

I would like to see a feature that allow to use custom engine dat for a certain conditions for example if i find .pl domain GSA will use custom foottprints targeting Polish foottprints and the fill the "spam " data with localized content that i set up within about_yourself.dat comments.dat . names.dat etc 


  • SvenSven

    you can do that in spin syntax like this:

    Example: { Hallo Fremder!| Hello Stranger!}
    Output 1: For a German Site it will write: Hallo Fremder!
    Output 2: For a Site ending with .com it will write: Hello Stranger!

  • thats not enough - some .com domains ( wordpress / blogspot ) have .com adress but different content language 

    another approach :) for scraped links to use my own customized list of names / welcomes / jobs etc in given language ? ie to used customized preset of modded *.dat files for particular scraped list ? 
  • SvenSven
    You can also duplicate the project and use different language/country filters in it. Then just use the project option with a "data folder" and copy the *.dat files in it with your own content.
  • in project Tools import/export cant set the proper way co use customize files location  :) 

    also bugreport - in Tools- > spin Convert libre office thesaurus can get the Polish one 
    trying to import my own from libreoffice-dictionaries- semesm taht it dont erecognize the Polish language 
    i succesfully autodownloaded en_US_2 and used on EN language random text ... 
  • SvenSven

    thats a project option, not a global one of course.

    Post the whole file used for your synonymes.

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