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How to set GSA Ser to start each tier after the last one was done?

Lets say I setup a 3 tier campaign.
I want to do the tier 1 first. After the reuqired numer of links is done, the tier 2 should start. After that tier 3 also.

Anyone knows if @Sven has impremented this?


  • SvenSven
    you can do this partly with the tier filter options. There you can e.g. set it up to only build links from main projects being older than xyz days.
  • Isnt possible for you to insert such option like I described in settings? The thing is that in 1st tier I have the contextuals that take more time to create them and I want the next tiers to threat them qually. So that is why is the best to start the next tier after it finishes the last.
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