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GSA SER creates links even no scraping / lists are added

Like the title said, GSA SER still builds links even i have no scraping option / no search engines checked for scraping and no lists are added to the projects.

I cleared the cache for all projects, cleared the identified, submitted, failed and verified folders, set in project options to don`t use global lists, didn`t imported any lists to the projects, show remaining target urls is 0 when i press the start button, then suddenly it goes to 7800 everytime.

That's a GSA SER bug. Please Sven look into this.


  • SvenSven
    Thats no bug. It usually is the "scheduled posting" option which adds sites to your targets for login + posting or some of the other ways under the search engine selection box.
  • I`m not using scheduled posting and i have no option checked under the search engine selection box (just the list of types of backlinks to create).

    I don`t understand why if i have 0 Show Remaining Target URLs and no lists and no scraping is set, then i press start button and it adds 7800 links everytime. From where GSA SER adds these 7800 urls?
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    And like i said, even if i create totally new projects, it do the same. Where GSA SER store these urls? Something isn`t right ..
  • SvenSven
    make a screenshot of engines selected + options of target urls.
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    I`ve sent you some details on the PM to look better on this issue.
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    Please read the private message and see what`s wrong, if it`s because of my settings (90% i`m sure it`s not my settings) or if it`s because of GSA SER.
  • Problem solved.

    Sven is a master! Thank you Sven.
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