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Few Features Suggestions

I have been using GSA SER from last six months around. This tool is one of the best tools I have ever used and the daily and frequent updates are making it better and better day by day. I have a few suggestions for some new features. I dont know how much they will be implementable or not So please bare with me incase of a foolish suggestion

I use the duplicate feature for duplicating alot of projects and then editing each project for changing articles for each. Just like the option that is for emails that all emails get deleted even they are selected or not by just clicking on delete all button. In the same way there should be a delete all submenu in articles form so that we dont have to select all articles first and then click delete.

Secondly just like we have filters for PR, OBl , country etc, If there can also be an option for TLD selection from the domains , it will be great, For example If I want to post on onlu .edu or .gov domains only from my list then I can do that too .

Thirdly I donot know whether its already there or not . But if a link from the list gets failed even in identification or submission then that particularly link should be deleted from the list or moved from that list to somewhere else in case of we want to review it in future. Same goes with the emails, that if one email is dead, it should be removed from the list automatically.

Is it possible that I can import keywords in one tier from any other tier or any project ? For example If I am creating tier 3 and I want to use exactly same keywords from tier 1 , then instead of manually opening tier 1 and copying them and then opening tier 3 project and then pasting there/ If keywords/anchors can be imported then it can also save some time.

Is there any way multiple articles can be spinned at a time ?

Thanks :)


  • One MOre suggestion =D
    Just like Start/Stop Buttons, can there be an active/active button ?

    Sven I Hope you wont mind these lots of suggestions :)
  • SvenSven

    1) next version uses a menu for delete all/selected - However the Delete All is on the popup menu already.

    2) use the url filter and add "!.edu !.gov" without quotes. However I now added a new button that will create this filter for you easily.

    3) not happening because of several thinks that would influence the speed of submission

    4) added in next update

    5) I don't see a use in this as you can do this on the popup menu or simple click on the column.

  • Thanks ALot @Sven For such a quick and positive response. Hats Off To You (Y)

    For the third suggestion, I request you if you can find any way for us to clean our lists from  dead sites. As it will  surely increase the submission rates instead of decreasing
  • SvenSven
    options->advanced->tools->clean up
  • That clean Up option often removes the working one too :/
  • SvenSven
    why would it?
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @asimNawaz remove all of your Verfieds from the folder, import all verfieds into a new project and let it run. That will give you current verifieds that are working.
  • Thanks @Brandon for the suggestion. I am working on it :)

    Thanks @Sven Alot . Got the requested features in the current update. You are Awesome 
  • @Sven
    "2) use the url filter and add "!.edu !.gov" without quotes. However I now added a new button that will create this filter for you easily."
    Where is this new button? Thanks
  • SvenSven
    "Create Domain filter" next to the checkbox to "skip sites with the following words in url/domain"
  • @Sven
    Found it, thanks!!
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