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Platform specific posting campaign

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Hi guys,

I have a big list of sites of a certain platform, let's say Pligg. Is there a way to tell GSA to post only to those sites in a single blast?. I've setup my project like this:

- Status -> Post to global sites only
- Search engines -> Selected 0
- Ticked the "post to global sites when enabled" checkbox.

The problem is that GSA is taking a long time to post to those sites, even if I target those with previous successful submissions. Is there a way to "blast" a campaign in a short time?.  For reference: I loaded a list of 2500 sites and GS has submitted my site to 1350 sites in 12 hours. There's not any kind of limitation on the project.

I'm using 40 semi private proxies and 3000+ working public proxies to post.
Using CS for captchas.

Thanks a lot.

BTW I'm not even complaining about GSA. I love it just as it is. It's just that I'm used to other SEO tools like sick submitter where everything is made in a "single blast".

Thank you.


  • IF I am not misunderstanding what you asking this is what you can do to POST to only specific URLs

    lets say you create a new project
    in OPTIONS > how to get target URLs
    uncheck all search engines
    uncheck "use URLs from the global site lists"
    TOOLS button > import target URLs (from file/clipboard)
    (or right click on a projects pane on your project and import target URLS)

    everything else set up as usual

  • Also right click on project Priority -> High (++)
  • uncheck all SE
    uncheck use global site lists
    uncheck analyze and post to competitors backlinks

    Then import url list from project>Import target list url's>from file
  • Uncheck everything (all SE, use global site lists, analyze and post to competitors backlinks), Active the project, and import your target URLS
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