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Ability To Export Specified Verified URLS

@Sven may I request for GSA has Ability To Export Specified Verified URLS  e.g:

1.  export verified urls with xxxx obl
2. export verified urls only dofollow



  • SvenSven
    next version has this + ability to append entries to a file rather than overwriting the whole file. I can not find the thread entry but it was requested before back than.
  • haryonoharyono in your heart
    @Sven thanks for new ability

    I still have some ideas like:

    Ability to create "custom option setting"

    As we know we have to create different setting for every project specially for 3rd party service like: captcha, indexing, using proxy etc. in one project we need that service but in other project we don't need that service.

    e.g when I running blog comment or trackback submission I don't use 3rd party captcha service, proxy, indexing etc but in the same time I running other project that need 3rd party service. So far I running one by one but if GSA can create custom option setting I think it would be great features.

    2. Add other column in Project Monitor

    Currently GSA only has: Project name, status, priority, submitted and verified how if you add another column e.g "show remaining target urls"
    with this feature I don't need to check one by one to check remaining target urls

    Thanks so much
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