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Are there any plans to support the new reCaptcha2?

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Currently, it seems the engines are failing at sites that use reCaptcha2:

Are there any plans to incorporate this? Any ETA?

reCaptcha is a free service that most sites will eventually have. This is clearly a showstopper.

Any information about this will be useful. Thanks.


  • SvenSven
    We have a thread about this already. Though till now no site I know uses this new system. At least none where SER submits to.
  • mostacholoco  i dont think so its implemented yet or going to happen soon

  • ReCaptcha2 shows only for "trusted" users. If you are real user, browser with cookies, history etc than you can get such captcha. Bots dont get this captcha.
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    @Sven Just seen this one . And there will be plenty more. What is the appropriate way to be notified when this gets implemented? I thought about the changelog on the upper right corner... but it points to v2.82...

    @satyr85 If "Bots dont get this captcha" then this is worse because SER won't be able to succeed in form submission
  • SvenSven

    sending me a malware infected site...seriously whats next?

    And why all that big wave? If there is some site using it fine, I try adding it...right now I see no need for it. So stop crying about nothing.

  • edited December 2014
    Its very very hard to make google think you are real user so it will give you this new recaptcha. Thats why i dont think any seo tool will get this captcha.

  • > sending me a malware infected site...seriously whats next?

    What EXACTLY do you mean by "malware infected site" ? Even if it is (still not sure what you mean by that), your tool is trying to post to that site and failing. If it is a "malware infected site" or not it doesn't matter, as your tool is not recognizing it as such and it also is not posting in it because of the new captcha. That is not good for 2 reasons.

    > right now I see no need for it

    That's all I needed to hear.

    I see what you mean now. I agree with you then. It is very complex and it requires executing JavaScript... something SER has not been able to do, as far as I know (or is it?). Clearly, an extremely easy way for sites to avoid non-js-enabled headless browser registrations.

    Thanks for your answers.
  • edited December 2014
    executing JavaScript javascript is not enough to get this new recaptcha ;)
  • magicallymagically
    Hmm, why not just use something like unit-test, just web based instead...
    I remember one library, that will provide a feature with a web-browser that can execute JS and simulate a real user with cookies and everything.

    Should be easy to implement, and switch on for just these types;)
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    @magically - Unfortunately those technologies you're referring to (PhantomJS, Selenium, etc) are very heavy on resources. GSA SER can run at 100-600 threads on most VPS/dedis right now... if it used only one of those technologies, for example, it would be able to run 20-60 threads at most. However, if enough of these captchas come up I don't think Sven will have a choice.
  • magicallymagically
    You are indeed right, it does consume some resources. However it's very efficient, specially Selenium.
    I made a small demo using Selenium, and it runs flawless.

    I bet it would be possible to adjust some of it, in order to improve the performance. But I just mentioned it as an option - a last resort so to speak.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    edited December 2014
    @sven just in case if you want to see the new recaptcha, wordpress has already implemented it -

    Someone claims to have reverse engineered the new recaptcha - Reddit thread here -
  • SvenSven
    @sagarpatil thanks for the links. Will have a look on that soon.
  • Today new captcha is alive and I can't make any comment on blogger :D

  • You can try for ReCaptcha2 solving, check
  • Does it solve the puzzle captchas, the ones where you need to pick the pictures with a feature for exaple the ones with storefront or tree?
  • This captchasolutions are assholes and crooks they don't answer on multi tickets opened on their site, i contacted them here on forum this solvecaptcha crook doesn't reply on messages when i send them SS of solving rate, their solve rate is 0.01%.

    Ignore them if Sven doesn't want to remove them from the list!!!
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