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Strange GSA Proxies time out problem

edited December 2014 in Bugs
I have a strange problem with GSA, for now i use GSA only for small targeted jobs 
First my specs

30 semi private proxies 
250 threads
10 jobs 5 main jobs 5 second tier
List of wiki sites
Greencloud VPS

Now here is my problem, i had a low LMP and verified link count even for a raw list this was low and a saw a  lot of download aborted messages so i started to investigate and found that when i start this small job immediately 75% to 90% of my proxies timed out (in GSA and SB)

First i thought it was the proxies that where costing the problem, so the people from gave me 30 new ones and when i started GSA the same thing happend again, when i start GSA, proxies die, l when i stop GSA. proxies come back to life again. 

What could be the problem?


  • SvenSven
    what types of proxies are that? socks, web, connect ?
  • edited December 2014
    These are HTTP/HTTPS proxies from, never had a problem with them until this week 
  • SvenSven
    well all I did is increasing the timeout for the connection of certain proxy types. yours however has not changed. and even then it should be no problem at all anyway.
  • It looks to be the VPS, i am not sure yet i will let you know 

    Thanks for your time
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