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[BUG?] Unable to resubmit a registration when debugging

edited December 2014 in Bugs
I want to create a new script. The thing is that I can't hit the server twice. I enable debug, manually import the site URL in the project and start then I start it. Once that particular site is retrieved and added to the debug window I stop the process. Then, in the debug window I analyze the output. The thing is that if I right click in the request in the debug window and click on Resubmit -> Register, literally, nothing happens.

Is this a bug or something? If it is not, how can I keep sending the same server the same request regardless of whether the process succeeded or not?

EDIT: Oh it seems I need to have the project running to perform the request again in the debug window...


  • SvenSven
    yes of course it has to be running. This "resubmit" is just adding the url again in the "target urls".
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