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Which TLD Should I Use ?

Im Building a new Website with Hoststage But Confuessed In Choosing A TDL .

Does Google SEO Depends On TLD

I am In Favor of .org but someone Told me to go with .com

Which One do you reffer

Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    Usually the best are .com and .net.
    If not availables, go for .org. I have a great website with .org  so it's not so important to get only .com.

    Just try to avoid .cc or .tk or similar over spammed tld
  • Accepted Answer
    It's just what recommended on many SEO guides, but I don't follow that rule too much.

    I personally chose a keyword rich domain with one of the 3 com/net/org if available.

    On google there are plenty of nformations about it, just "google" that topic :-)

    Among the more frequent tips you can find on the web:
    • Choose a short domain with maximum 20 characters. Longer domains will look like spam.
    • If available always choose .com .org or .net domain extensions.
    • Pick a domain that’s easy to remember and one that you can build a brand around it.
    • Avoid more than one hyphens in your domain name.


  • You Said Usually the best Are .com & .net What to mean by it
  • I have clients that have .info .tv. co and it has made no difference. If I buy new domains it's .com all the way, just because I like them and I'm old-skool. My SEO site is a .org (LOL), I have product sites that are dropped domains that have nothing to do with the product. I have .info Adsense sites. I have plenty of .net when .com isn't available. I have EMDs, PMDs, brand domains, aged dropped domains.....

    What I'm trying to say is it doesn't really matter, but if you can, get a .com as 'most' people will remember it. The main things to be concerned about is on-page SEO first then link profile. Everything else barely makes a difference. Even design isn't THAT important in my mind (I have an unnatural hatred for web designers anyway). I have shitty looking websites that convert like crazy because they are ranking well for the best keywords.
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