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Delay on send to Indexer

edited December 2014 in Feature Requests
I think it can be useful to insert a box for a delay in sending urls to the indexer service. It could be inserted on the Project > Option > Send verified link to Indexer Services ..... after x days (I think 2 or max 3 can be good).


Many new links just created with Ser, will die after the first hours or days, and the other that pass these first days usually stay live for many days/months. One big problem is to pass just the first days or the manual checks of webmasters.

1) Seo - Don't send to Google bad links that will die soon. The last update of the Google-Algo was just for the site that have an high percentage of bad links compared to the good links. This is important especially for the Tiers 1
2) Money - Save resources of our indexer service plans.

Just a suggestion  :)
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