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Problems with email verifications

I think there is a problem with the way GSA tests emails....
I have used the Import email accounts option to import emails to all of my projects at one go. I have used emails created by account creator (
When I try to test them myself, each of my project says All Failed. I hit the test button a few times, check and uncheck them from the list, and after a few times GSA accepts them and says All Successful.
Also I noticed that if I tick and untick them once then hit the empty space on the window and then try to test Selected, it accepts them immediately and says all succesful.
Then if i get out of the project, reload email verification again and try Test All. Again all failed. Then I do the same again. Tick and untick them, choose Test Selected and it accepts them again. All successful.
Later, as the project runs. It shows almost immediately Authentication Error and it asks me to log in with a browser to check them out. Which I do and they are all fine.
Meanwhile, on other projects i have some more emails created by the same way, but entered to the system manually and one at a time, not all on one go, and it seems to be keeping those just fine. No Authentication Error.
Is there a solution to the problem?
Thanks a lot.


  • SvenSven
    The only issue with the "Test" of none selected emails has been fixed for next version. Else I am not able to locate any issue. Do you use proxies? Maybe it's just a problem of using proxies who work and other do not. Also note that it's a comman issue for some providers that they do not allow you to login in short intervals. Some require you to wait at least 10 minutes before logging in again and check for E-Mails.
  • Thanks for replying Sven, although I didn't quite get your answer....

    I mean I do select the emails when I test them and the first couple of times they fail. Then I deselect them, hit on the empty space of the window and select them again. All successful...

    Actually now, with further experimentation, I don't even have to deselect them. I select them , hit test, they fail. Then I hit on the empty space, hit test selected and they are successful. At any given moment though, if I hit test all, they always fail.

    That sounds like a software issue to me. Am I wrong?

    Also, I don't use proxies to test them and at this stage I haven't even run them on the software yet to have to wait for the appropriate interval. I just input them on the appropriate field and test if they work.

    Mind you if I login manually, with my browser (from the same IP as GSA) they work.

    I hope you can take these observations under consideration.....

    Thank you.

  • SvenSven
    Yes because you might think of "selected" as "checked" where I was thinking a "selected" means "highlighted".
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    andreaspana - Maybe you can take a screenshot of what you mean regarding the empty space and then hitting test, etc.
  • Hey guys, this is a screenshot of what I mean.

    1. I hit here first.

    2. Then I hit test selected and it says all successful. But if I try again it, like test all, it fails. Also when the program runs it fails to recognize the emails. To be honest, I am a bit at a loss. Is there a way to make GSA accept the emails?

  • Ok, apparently I don't know how to post an image....

    Well, it's ok. I'll figure it out...

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I'm pretty sure this was fixed in the latest update today.
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