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Article Maxi - High Quality Content for GSA SER

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Hi All,

I have just launched a new product offering called Article Maxi which aims to help with your content creation needs :)

Its in essence, the most unique and highly spun (whilst retaining quality and readability) seed articles are being created. They take an absolute age to create but the results are exceptional.

A quick summary;
  • x10 manual sentence re-writes
  • 3 sentences to EACH paragraph
  • 9 paragraphs
  • MANUAL word/phrase replacement
  • Average word count 650-730 words
  • Spun title file supplied giving thousands of great titles
  • Each download comes with x10 versions of the master seed article (each one of these has different paragraph placement!)
  • Only 100 copies will EVER be sold
Our first offering is in the weight loss niche and is a weight loss tips super spun article - best of all the price is just $17.99 for all of the above.

I have created a video on the site for each seed article available showing you the REAL article in use and its amazing uniqueness and quality.

IMPORTANT: Since GSA SER allows you to navigate to a folder and choose random spun documents....can you guess where I am going here? simply tell GSA SER the folder location under the content sections containing ALL your 10 seed articles and it will pull a random version (each one will have different paragraph placement!) each time - now that's handy!


  • ronron
    I looked at this and it is extremely high quality. I tried to buy, but it came back with a goofy error message. Please check your inbox for more detail.
  • @ron - thanks for letting me know - all sorted!
  • ronron

    Just bought it. Uber high quality. You are spinning exactly the way you need to for the absolute best quality and highest level of uniqueness. If I did that level of spinning and work, I would go insane.

    Perfect for GSA SER.


    **Highly Recommended - Helluva Deal**

  • Can we choose niches, keywords and URLs?
  • @tumpien. I am happy to take suggestions for niches so please let me know. The service is a highly unique manually spun seed document created from scratch. No scraping here, it's ALL original content!

    So no, not kws and urls just yet :)
  • @ron Thanks for the positive feedback :)

    For anyone in the dating niche I have just released our first dating super spun article. Not only ridiculously unique but it also reads like a decent bit of writing each and every time! The article itself is about how guys can get a leg up when dating by reading the ladies body language - we need all the help we can get right!?

    Remember all Article Maxi Super Spun documents come with 10 seed article versions each of which contain varying PARAGRAPH placement. Perfect for GSA SER (and Senuke XCr) to pick a different one each time (just tell it to pull from a folder in the content section) and only 100 copies with EVER be sold.

    Get it now before its too late - Cheers!
  • Once a upon a time there was a time like this thread. Oh man! .....

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