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Help me for building my website

Can Someone Please Tell Me From
1) Where Can I Get a Domain Registration With Cheap Price Tag and Best Service  ( If You Have a Coupon PM me )
2) A Cheap And Best Hosting Where I Can Create Unlimited Sub Domains and Can Ignore DMCA Reports   ( If You Have a Coupon send it over )
3) A Good WordPress Theme for my Sub domains . I Will Use The Domain For PPD Niches
4) A Software With Which I can Create My Posts Offline as i Travel A lot . I Will Later Copy Paste the HTML Codes When I get Access To Internet
5) A Logo Of My Website

Also Can You Please answer these Questions :
1) Does New Domain Rank Slow as They are new . ( Just Heard Around )
2) Cloudfare speed up your domain but have uptime problems ( Tell Me pros and cons of it )
3) Domain Name Regestrator Must be DMCA Report friendly
4) Can You Please refer be a free On-page guide or ebook Which has all lessons for Google's new update
5) subdomain ranking can increases other subdomain ranking
6) If a moron gave a huge spammed Backlinks on a subdomain 'A' then will my subdomain 'B' Will Be Affected .
7) Will Social Signs and Backlinks On My Main Domain Benefit my Sub Domains
8) How much letter should my main domain consist of as you know I Will Use Subdomain


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