Uncheck engines based on performance, is there a way to set it for multiple projects?

THis feature is very useful, but until now I only could use it with a single project per time, it seems there is no way to use it for many projects at the same time (Modify Project > Edit only Engine Options doesn't work for this feature).

Does anybody know how to use it for multiple projects?

I was thinking also to just set one project, and later modify the setting files af all the other projects with notepad++, but I can't find the file where the settings are stored.

Thanks for any help!


  • Accepted Answer
    Select the projects you want to change engines. then right click --->modfiy project--->edit only engines options.

    Really easy.
  • Seljo
    Ah ah, thanks Seljo but of course I already tried that, but it doesn't works probably because every project has its own results/performance.

    Anyway I saved the selection of filtered engines, and later loaded in every single project. So, one by one like always....  :(
  • Accepted Answer
    It should go. I do it all the time
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