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Having problems on running SER


I'm not being able to start SER. This is happening only with the newest versions, since 9.25 I think.

Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone have a clue of what can this be?


Best Answer


  • I have the same problem.
  • Hello , I'm running 9.28 with no problem at all , I will try to give you some advice :

    - try to uninstall and clean your computer with ccleaner then re-install
    - scan your computer for virus ( when posting with gsa my antivirus keep detecting virus and adware on target websites )
    - try to get a robust antivirus/firewall
  • try right clicking on GSA icon and "run as admin"  this might work for you.
  • Thanks Seo22,

                          Now the problem is solved.
  • Thank you for you answers guys. It's already working, just needed to restart the server!!

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