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How do I force GSA Captcha Breaker to use a particular captcha type?

edited November 2014 in Need Help
I am a new user of GSA Captcha Breaker and I am trying to solve a very specific type of captcha. I went through the available captcha types and found that my intended captchas are similar to the "Download ->" type. So I deselected all the captcha types and selected only the "" type, and restarted the captcha web server. Now if in the web server if I upload a captcha image it fails to solve and in the Captcha breaker tool's message I see that it detects the captcha type to be "Blue Hexa" and "Open Link Directory" type and hence can't successfully break. I even deleted those two types from the tool, yet the uploaded images are detected as these two!
So my question is- How do I force the captcha breaker to only detect the uploaded images as my selected type?

P.S-:Below is the type of image I'm trying to solve in case anyone has any suggestion of suitable type.



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