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Proxy goblin proxies not showing up in the Test provies area

edited January 2013 in Need Help
when i use "PARSE URL" some of the default proxy Websites it finds proxies and allows me to test them to like with string microsoft..
when i chose "PARSE File" and point it to the output from proxy goblin its like it doesnt load the programs from the file into the program or allow me to test them? I put proxy goblin to output to a text file with Append setting not overwrite. and it outputs them in a format like this on my desktop 
C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\goblinoverwrite.txt and here is what the proxys in the file look like i set it to output 150 Elite proxies with 10 second timeout.. is 10 seconds good or to slow?
Here is the format proxy goblin writes to the .txt file i point GSA SER to "Parse File" every 15 mins:

do they have to be in a different format? different port or what am i doing wrong?? 



  • SvenSven
    That file is ok and should be parsable. Try to import it directly and see if it works.
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