I want to try installing GSA SER into a variety of environments. Will I have a licencing problem?

First of all I just want to commend the GSA team on producing such an amazing piece of software. Does so much more than what I expected. Had it for two weeks now, still lots of learning to do, but it really is fantastic.

I want to experiment installing GSA SER onto a variety of machines and internet connections to see how far I can push it.

I am currently running on a VPS and wish to try it out at home and work environment.

My question is this;

Do I have to uninstall SER before installing on a different PC, or is making sure there are never two running instances of it enough?

Thanks for your help, Wayne :)


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    Accepted Answer
    Unless something has changed, you can install it on as many machines as you want, but can only run it on one machine at a time.
  • Thanks for your quick reply, I'll go ahead and experiment!
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