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What is the best web-based indexing service these days?

I need you to recomend me the best indexing service. I need something that is web based and not a software like GSA Indexer.


  • I use InstantLinkIndexer and I'm very happy with the service they provide.
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    Some months ago I made a list of al the indexer services, with prices, here is the list:

    •         50k $15 (with coupon)
    •  50k $43 (with coupon)
    •     75k $36
    •                 50k $57
    •            20k $97
    • Incredible Indexer        100k $25
    •              100k $25
    •            60k $15
    •                50k $25
    •      30k $97
    Later I tried the first one (indexification), it's cheap but I didn't like much the (poor) results.
    Now I'm using the second (instantlinkindexer) with pretty good results, but soon I will test the third (expressindexer), maybe I will use both together for a best indexing rate.

    Take your time, check prices of each service for your amunt of links, and especially make some googling for search (real) reviews on the seo forums.

    Have a god job!  :-)

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    peterperseo  mtb-bike is incredible indexer mate lol
  • Express Indexer is the one I recommend. Great results for me and great value
  • Everyone, do not use this service as of now does not work at this time. i will create campaign total 200k link but real indexing is 20k link it around 10% not is 70% guaranteed Indexing with salepage.

    service is fake and scam, and seller is not refund me and everyone in all cases.

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