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How To Buy OVH - If We Are Not From UK

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HI GSA Member,

Does anyone use this OVH service? i like to know how to buy it, since at the new account creation it only show UK as country.

Anyone ever buy this dedicated server and not from UK.



  • I think you'd be better with a reseller.
    There are lots of users here using VPS in the OVH network.
  • Blimey those are good prices!
  • I am still not sure if i should get dedi or get 3-4 vps

    One dedi cost - $150-200

    One vps [3gb ram, 3 core] - around $40

    So if i get 4 VPS it will cost me same but I can run 4 SER + senuke..on 4 different IPs [SER on 70-100 thread and senuke on 20-30 threads]

    + if one of the vps goes down, still remaining 3 are up...but if dedi goes down everything goes down...

  • To buy from OVH if you are outside the UK but inside the EU you can use (it's in french so use Google Chrome to translate). If you are outside the UK and outside the EU then use I'm from the U.S. and have a couple of boxes with them. Honestly, it's a big pain in the ass to get setup at first because they have to verify your address (I had to send a copy of driver's lic + a power bill)... kind of ridiculous but yeah, you can't beat the prices. If you go through and verify you are outside the EU there is no VAT either so the prices are as listed.
  • @marketmonster, just the same. It only suport US, Canada and Ireland. I'm from Indonesia.

    I just buy from mydedis but OVH price is cheaper and Mydedis was OVH reseller.
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