Get Abuse Complaints from my Internet Provider

I use private proxies for posting and verification and still get abuse complaints from my internet service provider. Here some examples:

IP: ** has attacked one of our servers/partners.
The attackers used the method/service: *rfi-attack*  on: **.

The IP listed below was noted attempting to communicate with a botnet controller. This means a computer at the connection is likely infected with malicious software. Details are listed below.


What can be done to avoid these type of complaints?


  • using proxies should avoid complaints.

    what proxy provider?
  • Accepted Answer
    curious on the proxy provider as well
  • I am using
  • Switched from to and abuse complaints stopped right away.
  • Packetflip really sucks. Avoid at all cost.
  • ShaNiShaNi
    Mostly guys dunno why he received abuse reports from hosting providers
    they are though that only proxies are issues but proxies are not issues
    even iam using  vps for port scanned Google Passed proxies but i have
    no issues like you faced abused emails reports etc  

    Every one now about OVH Vps's and dedicated Server's are so cheap
    mostly scraping guys using OVH system and OVH system are not good fo far
    for SEO purpose. when you doing posting or scraping 24/7 days and alot of bandwidth
    use for posting  and scraping wasted, OVH system have anti DDOS anti pro for abuse
    purpose against about illegal activities on the machine's

    i recommended use any US unlimited vps or Dedicated machine's then you never face any issues
    from hosting provider's  . OVH system are shit not good so far SEO purposes
    i was remember, i purchased one vps from OVH and on my one click OVH vps closed
    and never came back lolz . that is same issues for all, dun waste your money for
    cheap OVH System .

    Nothing wrong on any proxies, what ever proxies are public or private - shared proxies:) 
  • GSA was installed on my home computer. I use GSA with buyproxies the same way I was doing with packetflip, but have no issues with buyproxies.
  • magicallymagically
    In fact buyproxies are extremely pro and very friendly.

    Their proxies are reliable and fast, and customer service are outstanding.

    I really recommend their service as well as their proxies.
  • When I read that the OP got abuse complaints from his ISP, I automatically thought he meant his ISP called him up and said something like 'Stop cursing'!!! ;p

    But back on topic... I used to use packetflip and it does suck unfortunately. God thing you switched!

  • ShaNi: Maybe it is with your OVH, but not mine.
    I am just fine with one GSA SER and GSA spider installed.
  • ShaNiShaNi
    edited January 2015
    gsapuppy  :) we won't use OVH System's  . We are proxy seller public port scanned Google Passed Proxies and Private & Shared Proxies for Seo and Social media so that why we now about that problem
  • ShaNi 
    Your problem with ovh is because of ovh anti hack system. Seo softwares dont triger this anti-hack system. Port scanning and sometimes proxy checking do this and thats why your server was suspended. Ovh servers are good for seo softwares, and harvesting (i was running Ser, Gscraper, Scrapebox on ovh servers without problems).

    Ofc proxies can be problem. Not anonymous proxies can leak your ip, in result abuse complaints go directly to your hosting provider.

    @OP i think your PC/server is infected.
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