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Identify Recaptcha and Send To Service Instead of CB?

Is there any way to set up GSA SER so that when it identifies a recaptcha that I can send it to deathbycaptcha service?

The problem is that my proxies are banned by google and get the message "too many automated queries from the same computer or network"

I think its happening because I have CB set at 3 retries and it when it gets a recapcha it tries it that many times.

I would like to send all recaptchas to a service and skipping ANY attempts by CB. Is this possible?


  • Set DBC Under Others, check recaptcha first then right click and set it Toogle use of captcha service and it will send all recaptcha's to DBC or service like us spamvilla etc

  • Thank you very much for the great advice Kelvin. I found that setting and will try it out :)
  • @Spamvilal where can i check recaptcha first? I'm an unable to find that option. I can only check a certain type by search engine types not captcha types.
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    It's under "other"
  • Right click in captcha breaker and select Search.

    Type in recaptcha and it will find it for you. Next, right click on recaptcha and toggle to send to service.
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    Or you could improve overall performance by skipping recaptcha in CB and using DBCs API directly in SER by going to options->captcha>add and entering your details and selecting "only hard captchas" or leave that unchecked to allow DBC attempt to solve other type of captchas CB might not be able to solve. You could set it to 1st, last or whatever order you want to. I personally have my setup like this:

    SpamVilla (only hard captchas checked) - Retry 0
    GSA Captcha Breaker  - Retry 1
    SpamVilla (only hard captchas unchecked) - Retry 0

    So the way I have it setup SpamVilla will try recaptchas 2 times and attempt to solve other captchas CB can't solve 1 time.

    Also, if anyone is interested, I've asked for a list of the other type of captchas SpamVilla can solve and he is in the process of publishing it soon. So keep an eye on his BST thread.
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