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Hangout Video Ranker - GSA Back Linking Service For The Busy SEO

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Is GSA not working for you?

Do you spend too much time and money trying to make GSA work?

We Can Handle Your GSA Back Linking For You

If you are struggling to make GSA work for you, or if you just don't have the time to get it done, we can handle that task for you.

Is your time better spent finding and creating offers so you can work on money producing tasks?

We can handle GSA for you.

Does it bother you to spend money on tools without getting results?

We take on all those expenses for you:

Private Proxies
Text Captcha
Verified Lists
Identifying New Targets
Verifying New Targets
Sorting New Lists
Indexer Services

We can do this cheaper than you can, and pass along the savings to you.

With several dedicated servers already running for our own projects, we have the infrastructure built to handle about 100 customers for a VERY good price.

We are simply maximizing our server and labor efficiency, and you can take advantage of that right now.

Is Your GSA Strategy Not Working For You?

It has happened to us all, and that is how we learned what works and what doesn't. Being in autoblogging (which is still working for us) and back linking for almost 8 years, we have seen a lot of change.

That is why we have made lots of changes and do a lot of testing.

Our Strategies are ever changing because we keep up with what's going on the world of SEO.

This requires hours of daily study, and you can take advantage of that now without having to do it on your own.

Save yourself 2 hours everyday, and untold amounts of money, studying and tweaking GSA by using this inexpensive service to drive your rankings in Google.

Where Are Our Strategies Working Best Right Now?

You probably already know this but the kind of linking we all do with GSA works better on video and web 2.0 properties for fast and easy rankings.

Up till about 2 years ago, we were using this blast link type with success.

Google put an end to that, FOR THE MOST PART (some techniques with mass spam still work but we can not afford to offer that kind of service as it is "low and slow" and takes time to achieve results).

The strategy still works mind you, but the investment in links is expensive and takes a long time to accomplish. 

If you are in the finance, insurance or other similar niches, and ranking money sites, your approach will be more "long term" than the type of linking we are executing in this service.

Why is that?

Because video and web 2.0 properties are different, but you probably already knew that too.

In fact, I am probably telling you only the things you already know.

So, who is this for?

This service is for people who:

  • Are ranking video properties
  • Are ranking web 2.0 properties
  • Are ranking Press Release properties
  • Are ranking Facebook pages
  • Are ranking Linkedin pages
  • Are ranking Directory Pages (local)
  • Are ranking Pintrest Pages
  • Or Any Other Public Platform Properties

Now that you know who this service is for, 

you want to know if we know what we are doing with GSA.

For your benefit, whether you use our service or not, I have compiled a set of video instructions showing the basics of our set ups and a couple of proof videos showing results from earlier in the year.

This should show you that we know what is going on and that our techniques are safe, as we have never lost a Youtube account, or any other.

We simply do not abuse properties to the point where we know we could be on this ice.

We know what works and we know where the threshold is to keep things safe enough to make money.

You find the free video tutorials here.

Some of you may know me from private blackhat forums, although I have never had an open profile in any of the backlink forums, nor blackhatworld, bestblackhatforum or any others (kristylove).

I am ok with bringing my real name out now and you discover that in the videos linked above.

If you would like to know more about me, the services and tools I have created previously, feel free to hit me here on PM or in Skype (relapse777) and i will be glad to chat with you about it.

Below is a clickable link to the home page for the service, but I will maintain this thread so as to keep it public and for all to see.

I am here for the long run, have a good reputation and I intend to keep it that way.

This Is Open For The First 100 Clients ONLY

After that, we will close, evaluate where we are, and re-open at a higher price point.

All pricing is staggered for the incentive to take the biggest package.

After a long time of operating several instances of GSA for ourselves, we know we can provide service to 100 people without loosing money.

However, I doubt we will make a lot of money either, hence the reason for the price increase after the first 100 clients.

The first 100 clients will help us stabilize the business and get the right people in place (should we need more operators).

After that we need to be profitable so that we can stay alive to service others who may need the service.

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread.

Please ask anything you like here, or feel free to hit me on Skype and I will do everything I can to help you in any way I can.


P.S. You will see the first purchase shows as a ONE-OFF payment, but the OTO will pop up as a subscription. If you want to lock in these dirt cheap prices, you will need to take advantage of that OTO because after the first 100 subscriptions come through, the offer will be closed.

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