Question About "Do Not Submit Same Article" Feature

This is more of a subjective question I suppose. I am going to run three campaigns for my money site (actually a decent buffer site which I also own with decent PR which links to my money site). Each of the three campaigns will revolve around submitting to a different type/category of site. Each campaign will also get one, near 100% spun article to submit to all these different sites.

Do you guys think if my article is spun well enough that I'll be fine leaving the "do not submit same article" button unticked, meaning it'll submit my well spun article to potentially hundreds of sites? How do you usually address this? It seems like if you only have one article, you don't want to tick this as it will only go to a single site which seems like a huge waste of a good article which is very well spun.

Any insight here would be greatly appreciated!
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